About Us

Wadawurrung is comprised of three cohesive units; office staff, field staff and Board Members/Directors. Each of these units’ works both individually and collaboratively to ensure we provide the best service available for our clients. We are committed to providing the highest quality, professional, cultural heritage management services. Wadawurrung staff is comprised of individuals with a wealth of experience in the preparation of cultural heritage sensitivity assessments and archaeological field surveys, complex assessments, site recording, artefact analysis, project coordination, cultural advice, cross cultural training and education, etc.

Office Staff:

Our office staff consists of three full time members who care for the general day to day running of the business. We have a RAP Manager (Registered Aboriginal Party), an Executive Officer and an Administration Officer.

Field Staff:

WAC’s Field Representatives consists of two full time Senior Cultural Heritage Field Representatives. 

Along with a number of casual staff members who complete our dynamic team.

Board Members:

The members of each family group nominate a person to represent their interests on the Board.

Current members of the Board are Joy Oldaker, Sarah Eccles, Stephanie Skinner, Bryon Powell, Blair Gilson and Melville Robinson.