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Treaty for Victoria
Assembly Elections

Your Vote Matters. Voting open May 12 – June 3. 

If you’re mob, it’s time to choose who we want to represent us in the Treaty negotiations that will begin later this year.


We have five Wadawurrung candidates in three voting regions in Victoria, South West, North West, and Metro. 
Let’s support our candidates and vote for Wadawurrung. 

After you’ve enrolled, you can vote online, in person or via phone for our Elders. There will be monitored polling booths at the Wadawurrung offices in Geelong and Creswick Street, Ballarat. Details below:

Ballarat (Creswick Rd): 22 May to 26 May – 9am to 3pm each day
Geelong: 15 May to 19 May – 1.30pm to 5pm each day
Geelong: 22 May to 26 May – 1.30pm to 5pm each day

You can enrol and vote on the same day at a polling booth, just make sure you bring your id with you, such as a driver’s licence.

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