Wadawurrung provide a variety of different services to a host of people and organisations.

Under the banner of the RAP we provide the following:

  • Cultural Heritage Assessments
  • Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) related business;
    • Coordinate field staff for ground works
    • Organise meetings between sponsors and the RAP
    • Landscaping and Plant Selection
    • Construction Methodology
    • Liaise with Government Departments on behalf of Developers
    • Negotiate Public Open Space Requirements
  • Permit Applications
  • Provide Statutory Advice on Legislative Requirements for Local Government
  • Cultural Heritage Agreements
  • Land Management Consultancy with Catchment Authorities and Local Government Departments
  • Salvage and Repatriation of Ancestral Remains and Artefacts
  • Advice on the Preservation of Aboriginal Culture
  • Cultural Heritage Awareness Inductions
  • Provide Employment for Aboriginal Community Members

The corporation has many functions that extend beyond those of the RAP. These being:

  • Development and Delivery of Education Programs to;
    • Schools; cultural, artistic and ecological
    • Developers and Businesses
    • Local Government Departments
    • Traditional Ecological Knowledge, at a higher educational level
    • Review literary works for accuracy
  • Welcome to Country
  • Smoking Ceremony
  • Cultural Heritage ‘Walk and Talks’ on Country
  • Indigenous Community Gardens
  • Liaise with Community Groups to incorporate Aboriginal values into projects
  • Represent our Members to other organisations
  • Interpretation of Heritage Values
  • Place Names and Traditional Wording
  • Provide Employment for Traditional Owners