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(Welcome to Wadawurrung Country)

We acknowledge our Ancestors and our Elders past and present.

We acknowledge that our Ancestors nurtured and cared for Wadawurrung Country for tens of thousands of years.

We acknowledge the hardships, the horror and the harm that they suffered following colonisation and the devastating impacts of that, which are still evident and felt today.

The fact that Wadawurrung People and Culture have managed to survive and thrive demonstrates enormous strength, resilience and adaptability.

Wadawurrung People are determined to see their unique cultural heritage protected and respected. Wadawurrung aims to restore Traditional knowledge and authority over the management of Wadawurrung Country for the betterment of those living on, prospering from and/or simply enjoying its land, waterways and coastal areas.

Wadawurrung people are the Traditional Owners of this land (see map below). Our family have looked after and cared for this country for over a thousand generations, and are still caring for it to this very day.

The Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation (WTOAC) is the Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP) for Wadawurrung country. With the statutory authority for the management of Aboriginal heritage values and culture, under the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Act, 2006.

In support of our above responsibilities, we provide a wide variety of services to organisations, assisting them in compliance with the aforementioned Act. We provide field representatives to assist with the discovery and repatriation of cultural heritage artefacts and ancestral remains. Our induction programs help to acquaint individuals and organisations with our heritage.


Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation is the representative body for Wadawurrung Traditional Owners. The Corporation works to support their aspirations and protect Aboriginal Cultural Heritage in accordance with the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.

Wadawurrung Traditional Owners Aboriginal Corporation was appointed in May 2009 as a Registered Aboriginal Party under the Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006.

Wadawurrung’s RAP area covers over 10,000 square kilometres on the western side Melbourne and including the major regional cities of Geelong and Ballarat. This area incorporates the activities of 11 separate local councils – including many that are experiencing very high rates of growth in terms of population, infrastructure, commercial and residential development. Wadawurrung Country also incorporates the start of the Great Ocean Road, one of Australia’s most iconic and popular tourist destinations.

About Us


  • Evaluating Cultural Heritage Management Plans

  • Providing advice on applications for Cultural Heritage Permits

  • Making decisions about Cultural Heritage Agreements

  • Providing advice or application for interim or ongoing Protection Declarations


The Corporation represents Wadawurrung Traditional Owners as the known and accepted descendants of apical ancestor, John Robinson (Robertson), 1846-1919, born Terrinallum Station, died Warrnambool, with his immediate descendants being Emily Hewitt (1868-1898), William Robertson (1870-?), Mary Edith Hine (1893-1955), Victoria Alice Brannelly (1895-1964), Valentine Margaret Dalton (1897-1977), Mabel Violet Powell (1899-1984), Hector Norman Arthur Robinson (1900-1944), Ellen Rose King (1902-1999), and Thomas Joseph Russell Robinson (1904-1933), who are Wadawurrung according to Wadawurrung law and tradition.

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