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Wadawurrung provides a variety of different services to a host of people and organisations.

Under the banner of the RAP, we provide the following:

  • Cultural Heritage Assessments

  • Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) related business

  • Coordinate field staff for groundworks

  • Organise meetings between sponsors and the RAP

  • Landscaping and Plant Selection

  • Construction Methodology

  • Liaise with Government Departments on behalf of Developers

  • Negotiate Public Open Space Requirements

  • Permit Applications

  • Provide Statutory Advice on Legislative Requirements for Local Government

  • Cultural Heritage Agreements

  • Land Management Consultancy with Catchment Authorities and Local Government Departments

  • Salvage and Repatriation of Ancestral Remains and Artefacts

  • Advice on the Preservation of Aboriginal Culture

  • Cultural Heritage Awareness Inductions

  • Provide Employment for Aboriginal Community Members

The corporation has many functions that extend beyond those of the RAP, these include:

  • Welcome to Country & Smoking Ceremonies

  • Cultural Awareness and Safety Training

  • Cultural Education

  • Traditional Owner Engagement & Liaison for Cultural Heritage and Project Support

  • Cultural Competency Auditing

  • Wadawurrung Language services for place naming, etc.


All bookings for services must be made by using a current booking form.

  • Some booking forms are currently under review and will be uploaded on to the website shortly.  If the booking form you are looking for is not on this site, please contact the Ballarat office on (03) 4318 6333.

  • Currently available forms can be downloaded via the following links.

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